Highest Quality – Polyphonic (polytonal & polyrhythmical) Performance
Excerpt from Peter Hübner's Book: “Natural Music Creation
Power and Powerlessness of Musical Interpretation

A hu­man qual­ity is a force, and we get a feel­ing for the di­men­sion of this force when quali­ties of op­pos­ing na­ture col­lide with each other.

Sensing the Inner Motif Forces
No matter how loud the motif will sound, as long as we re­strict it to a par­ticu­lar point in the acous­tic space, by assigning it to a fixed group of in­stru­ments or one in­stru­ment, even a very imagi­na­tive lis­tener will only get a faint idea of the im­mense im­pres­sion of space the com­poser origi­nally ex­peri­enced. Also, we feel only lit­tle of the na­ture of the in­ner-hu­man qual­ity to be ex­pres­sed, we ex­peri­ence only lit­tle of the power with which that hu­man qual­ity rises from the field of our in­ner­most con­sci­ence into the world of feel­ing and think­ing and impels us to act, and we feel noth­ing of a skil­ful han­dling of our most im­por­tant in­ner-hu­man driv­ing forces which, from the point of view of our great clas­si­cal mu­si­cians, are meant to make us hu­man be­ings free mas­ters of our­selves.

The Motif Played without Dimension
In the con­ven­tional prac­tice of per­form­ance the motif body is played with­out di­men­sion. This can be com­pared to show­ing flat bal­loons to some­one, try­ing to in­spire him par­ticu­larly in terms of form and col­our. To cre­ate a col­our­ful im­pres­sion of space the bal­loons must be inflated and re­leased to fly.

Conventional and Modern Performance
As we will see later, the re­ali­za­tion of the motif-tech­nique re­quires a proficient mas­tery of the over­tone-me­chan­ics of the sound.

As men­tioned ear­lier, a mu­si­cal motif al­ways ex­pres­ses a spe­cific in­ner-hu­man qual­ity, and wher­ever it ap­pears, the lan­guage of mu­sic elu­ci­dates how a par­ticu­lar hu­man qual­ity in­flu­ences its sur­round­ings and as­pires sov­er­eignty in the proc­ess of the ful­fil­ment of de­sire.

The Effect of the Musical Motifs
This uni­ver­sal mu­si­cal por­trayal of uni­ver­sally-hu­man na­ture ac­counts for the great charm of clas­si­cal mu­sic, for as con­fi­dently as the sci­en­tist knows the outer world and de­scribes it from out­side, as con­fi­dently the clas­si­cal com­poser knows and de­scribes our in­ner world of man.

The Science of Intuition
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