Highest Quality – Polyphonic (polytonal & polyrhythmical) Performance
Excerpt from Peter Hübner's Book: “Natural Music Creation
Perfection of the Formative Forces
in Music

With his un­der­stand­ing, the lis­tener cog­nizes the “hori­zon­tal” com­po­si­tional sys­tems of or­der; with his feel­ing he grasps the “ver­ti­cal” mu­si­cal re­la­tions of power.
There­fore, the quali­ties of feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing are ef­fec­tive on all lev­els of mu­sic: in the world of the sound-space, in the world of the motif, in the world of the se­quence, and in the world of the har­mony.

The Path towards more Powerful Formative Forces in Music
When these two fun­da­men­tal quali­ties of the in­tel­lect – feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing – are real­ized by the mu­si­cian as ef­fi­cient and mighty for­ma­tive forces in mu­sic, they fi­nally appear be­fore him in their per­fec­tion on the level of har­mony.

The mu­si­cal sound-space, the world of the in­ner mu­si­cal imagi­na­tion, is equally enli­vened by the feel­ing and by the un­der­stand­ing; and the art of the mu­si­cian lies par­ticu­larly in radiating this enliv­en­ment, this lively mul­ti­plic­ity, even into the physi­cal-acous­tic space and to enli­ven it so that the lis­tener com­pre­hends life it­self as his own three­fold food of knowl­edge:
  1. as a sooth­ing, warm­ing strength­en­ing of his feel­ing,
  2. as a re­freshing, cool­ing elucidation of his un­der­stand­ing, and

  1. as the ful­fill­ing re­ali­za­tion of his own in­ner na­ture, of his in­ner power and in­ner beauty, through the lively, mutual permeation of the quali­ties of his feel­ing and un­der­stand­ing.

True Enlivenment of the Physical-Acoustic Space

The Essential Task of the Musician
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